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Handing the keys back to the owner after the renovation reveal is a highlight for Chase and Ashley on every episode of Maine Cabin Masters. It’s a ceremonial invitation to let the memory-making to begin!

Now you can help new owners achieve their Maine cabin dreams as part of the Cabin Masters Preferred Realtor Program.

The Cabin Masters have just concluded their third season of inspiring television, showcasing not their technical skill, artistic flair and authentic brand of humor. But the real star of the show is our great state of Maine.

Countless fans (and prospective cabin owners) have reached out to the cast members directly to ask if they know of any properties for sale that fit the profile of their TV projects. Their website draws an impressive number visitors from around the country, all eager to learn more about life “the way it should be” and Cabin Master aesthetic.

It seems like a natural fit to put those property-shopping fans in touch with trusted Realtor partners. We all know Maine commerce still revolves around a personal recommendations and a handshake, which is why we’re limiting the number of Realtor partners so we can get to know you.

To be clear, this is a lead-generation advertising opportunity for you.

The Cabin Masters will choose a retailer for each of the state’s 16 counties through a bid process. Once selected, the chosen Realtor will receive all of the appropriate leads that come in through the website or personal conversation.

We’ll build out a realty section on the site, with a map representing each county. Interested shoppers will click a region and get your contact info. You’ll also have the opportunity to upload photos and details of selected properties.

Other benefits include:

  • Co-branding and one of the Cabin Masters Preferred Realtor partners
  • An lunch event with the Cabin Masters
  • Invitation to see a videotaping
  • Opportunity for special “featured property” video featuring a Cabin Master
  • Profile video for each featured Realtor

This is a great opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition and ride the wave of Cabin Masters popularity in building your business

We expect to launch this program before Memorial Day, so please indicate your level on interest in the form below and submit by May 1. Once we review all submissions we’ll be in touch with more details.


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