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Lake Front Drive in Embden features four available camp properties surrounding pristine Embden Pond. It’s a classic central Maine waterfront setting, ready for memory making and available for showing now by Christina Nelson, our Somerset County realtor.

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The Maine Cabin Masters’ unique brand of humor, resourcefulness and creative flair have created a devoted fan following of the show. The cast would be the first to tell you an equally deserving co-star is our great State of Maine. Viewers from around the world are falling in love with Maine’s natural beauty and authentic lifestyle.

Lots of them are looking for their own place to make memories with families and friends. So many, in fact, that we’ve created a real estate section to connect interested buyers to available properties.

At the Lobster Festival in Rockland last year, the Cabin Masters were approached by a retired couple from England who had become fans of the show, traveled to Maine on vacation, and ended up buying a property of their own. That’s the kind of emotional draw that our state inspires.

Click on a region of the state map and get connected with a real estate professional that can guide you to available properties in their area. If you are a realtor representing an available county, contact us if you’re interested in meeting Cabin Masters fans.

You’ll find a variety of properties and land available in this section. Not all fit the profile featured on the show, but our broad definition of “cabin” is a place where families and friends can retreat to find solitude and good times, and enjoy our beautiful corner of the world.