Cabin Submission Questionnaire

We’re always accepting applications for new projects. If you’re interested in being considered, please fill out the form below. All forms must be filled out in their entirety. Forms and additional information can NOT be sent via snail mail or email. Please only fill out 1 application per project, as we do keep them on file to be reviewed for future seasons if they are not selected for the current one. There is a $5.00 charge to submit this application. Thanks for your interest in working with the Maine Cabin Masters.

Criteria for cabin submissions…

1. Your property is located in the state of Maine
2. The person submitting the application is the property owner
3. The property is easily accessible and has multiple parking spots for construction vehicles


Your Contact Information

Cabin Information

Please note that only cabins within the state of Maine are eligible for consideration.

Please list in order of importance.
Are there any objects, features, or details of the cabin that are simply off-limits during our renovation?
If not, please explain the current camp access.
Some cabin owners may not want to have their cabin renovated during a specific holiday or part of the prime use season, but greater flexibility will increase your chances of being selected.
Our primary interest is in detailed photos of the cabin as it exists currently. Where possible, please try to include photographs that correspond with your wish-list.
Price: $5.00