Frequently Asked Questions

Hard Tellin' Not Knowin'

Do the Cabin Masters work outside of Maine?

Unfortunately for those outside the state, our producers gave us the name Maine Cabin Masters. Even though we love all of America, we are tied to only those projects located within the 207 area code. We may have a contractual clause allowing for Mainah-owned property on Caribbean Islands, but would have to look into that further.


Are the budgets real?

(aka How do you possibly get so much done on these budgets?…What you are doing is impossible…We don’t believe you can do all this for those prices…Our kitchen cost more than these whole cabin remodels, how can this be?)

Yes, the budgets you hear on the show are real. For a more detailed explanation check out our From the Woodshed podcast with Chase & Ryan.


Why don’t you insulate the cabins?

The short answer, we don’t have to. Many camps and cabins in Maine are only used seasonally, during the summer months. In fact some aren’t even accessible in the winter due to unplowed roads. For this reason, we don’t need to insulate them because they don’t get used.


Why don’t you flip the refrigerator doors around?

We are often under tight timelines to get projects finished for production so sometimes we have to leave small, easy to handle projects for the homeowners to take care of after we leave.


How do you keep the pipes from freezing?

Because many of these camps are only used seasonally, we do what’s called “winterizing”. This means all of the pipes get drained so that when the cold weather hits, there isn’t any water in them to freeze.


How do the guys grow such fabulous and interesting facial hair?

Science would say that it’s inherited genetics from a long line of hard working New Englanders who have adapted to working in the harsh Maine climates. If you ask the guys, they will tell you it is from a healthy diet of saw dust and good beer. Jedi would add it’s out of necessity, as his beard acts as an extra hand to hold a pencil and other small tools.


Can you actually get there from here?

That is a great question that has been argued about and challenged since Maine became a state in 1820. It all depends on where you are and who you ask. Some people will even factor in the time of the year and the current color of the weekly Uncle Henry’s. That being said, we have no answer for you.