716 – A Blank Slate for Mom

Season 7 | Episode 716

The McQuaids have recently become the owners of an empty lot across the street from their beloved cabin on David Pond — and they thought there was no better way to use it than to build their Mom a cabin of her own. She and her late husband, the patriarch of the McQuaid family, loved coming up to the lake and a new cabin would be the ideal culmination of the dream they shared together. It’s truly a blank slate for the Cabin Masters, who will design a camp that can serve the McQuaids for years to come. They make sure to include some special touches of the McQuaid’s Dad’s memory in what they hope will be a home away from home. Not many people can say they have a Cabin Masters original from the ground up, and the McQuaids are thrilled to see what they come up with!

Take the 3D tour!

The McQuaid Camp

The McQuaid Loft

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