810 – Mow the House Down

Season 8 | Episode 810

A daunting “Keep Out” sign greets visitors to David and Bishop Hopkins’ recently purchased camp. Though uninhabitable, its proximity to Pattee Pond and its access to a peaceful, private island made buying it a no-brainer. Luckily, their old friend Ashley Morrill knows a few people in the cabin building business. Chase and the Maine Cabin Masters crunch up the old camp to start fresh. They have to stick to the same footprint, but David and Bishop ask them to get fun and funky with the new build. They want a roofline that faces the water, lots of windows to enjoy the view, and enough space to host their beloved gatherings of friends and family. The Cabin Masters get to work, creating a cabin fit for the enjoyment that David and Bishop are ready for.

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Mow the House Down - Hopkins Camp

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