815 – Trolley Good Family Camp

Season 8 | Episode 815

The Cleary family recently acquired one of the original six cabins at the Lakeside Marina, which neighbors the legendary Island Park in Manchester, Maine. Rumor has it their cabin was built on one of the trolley cars that was used at the height of the area’s popularity in the early 1900s. The harsh winters and wet summers have weathered the structure and the family would like to upgrade the cabin from a cozy fishing getaway to a modern family vacation retreat. Chase and the team accept the challenge to expand this tiny cottage upward and outward with plenty of room for the entire Cleary family and their good friend and fishing partner Drew. The Cabin Masters also confirm the trolley rumors, combat some plumbing problems, and literally raise the roof to completely transform this cabin. During the build, Ashley takes a trip to a Trolley Museum for some inspiration and ends up getting some on the job training in how to drive a trolley. As winter takes hold of the state, Chase and his team must race to finish the Cabin before the weather makes building outside impossible. Ashley leads the design team through the final moments before the family returns.

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